Music Charts

Please note these charts do not include  songs played during  live shows. Miami radio playlist for hip-hop, rap underground radio


May 2012 Charts-Local

June 2012 Charts-Local

July 2012  Charts-Local

August 2012 Charts-Local

September 2012 Charts-Local (incomplete)

Octber 2012 Charts-Local (via MI YaYo Radio)

November 2012 Charts-Local

 Dade County Radio December 2012 Playlist (pdf)

Dade County Radio January 2013 Playlist – LOCAL

Dade County Radio February 2013 Playlist – LOCAL

March 2013 Dade County Radio Playlist LOCAL

April 2013 Dade County Radio Playlist LOCAL

May 2013 Dade County Radio Playlist LOCAL

June 2013 Dade County Radio /Da One Radio Playlists LOCAL

July 2013 Dade County Radio / Da One Radio Playlist LOCAL

(station was off-line for repairs part of the month of July & August)

August 2013 Dade County Radio / Da One Radio Playlist LOCAL

September 2013 Dade County Radio / Da One Radio Playlist (‘BDS’ & NON-‘BDS’ SPINS)

October 2013 Dade Countyradio / Da One Radio Playlist -ALL INCLUSIVE

November 2013 DaOne Radio / DadeCountyRadio Playlist -ALL INCLUSIVE

December 2013 DaOneRadio / DadeCountyRadio Playlist (PDF Format)

January 2014 DaOneRadio / DadeCountyRadio Playlist

February 2014 DaOneRadio / DadeCountyRadio Playlist

March 2014 DaOneRadio / DadeCountyRadio Playlist

April 2014 DaOneRadio / DadeCountyRadio Playlist

May 2014 DaOneRadio / DadeCountyRadio Playlist

June 2014 DaOneRadio / DadeCountyRadio Playlist

July 2014 DaOneRadio / DadeCounty Radio Playlist

August 2014 Da One Radio / Dade County Radio Playlist ( we titled it wrong but yep it’s the August playlist)

September 2014 Da One Radio / Dade County Radio Playlist

October 2014 Da One Radio Dade County Radio Playlist

November 2014 DadeCountyRadio / DaOneRadio Playlist

December 2014 DaOneRadio / DadeCountyRadio Airplay

January 2015 / airplay playlist

February DadeCountyRadio/ airplay

March 2015 DaOneRadio/DadeCountyRadio airplay playlist

April 2015 DaOneRadio/DadeCountyRadio Airplay Playlist

May 2015 DaOneRadio/DadeCountyRadio/LadyLuckRadio Airplay Playlist

June 2015 DaOneRadio/DadeCountyRadio/LadyLuckRadio Airplay Playlist

(we revamped our playlist and computers in July 2015. blame DJ Gunner)

July 2015 DaOneRadio/DadeCountyRadio/LadyLuckRadio Airplay Playlist

August 2015 we lost one of our computers to a crash. Playlist available by request

September 2015 DaOneRadio/DadeCountyRadio/LadyLuckRadio Airplay Playlist

October 2015 DaOneRadio/DadeCountyRadio/LadyLuckRadio Airplay Playlist

November 2015 DaOneRadio/DadeCountyRadio/LadyLuckRadio Airplay Playlist

December 2015 DaOneRadio/DadeCountyRadio/LadyLuckRadio Airplay Playlist

January 2016 DaOneRadio/DadeCountyRadio/LadyLuckRadio Airplay Playlist

February 2016 DaOneRadio/DadeCountyRadio/LadyLuckRadio Airplay Playlist

(computer upgrades during the month of February 216)

March 2016 DaOneRadio/DadeCountyRadio/LadyLuckRadio Airplay Playlist

April 2016 Da One Radio / Dade County Radio Airplay List

May 2016 Dade County Radio / Da One Radio Playlist

June 2016 Dade County Radio / Da One Radio Playlist

July 2016 Dade County Radio / Da One Radio Playlist

(added new server in June  2016)

August 2016 Dade County Radio / Da One Radio / Lady Luck Radio Playlist

September 2016 Radio Playlist

October 2016 Stations Playlist

November 2016 Playlist

December 2016 Radio Stations Playlist

January 2017 Radio Station Playlist

February 2017 Station Playlist

March 2017 Station Playlist

April 2017 Radio Station Playlist

May 2017 Station Playlist

June 2017 Station Playlist

July 2017 Station Playlist

August 2017 Radio Station Playlist

September 2017 August Playlist

October 2017 Radio Station Playlist

November 2017 Station Playlist

December 2017 Radio Playlist

January 2018 Playlist

February 2018 Radio Station Playlist  

March 2018 Playlist 

April 2018 Radio Station Playlist

May 2018 Playlist 



(local charts are heard worldwide but may not appear on BDS charts because Record Label/Artists non-compliance/ Live DJ Mix Show playlists do not show on these reports)

We also report to Digital Radio Tracker.


Click here to view up to date abbreviated international charts.

Official Radiowave “BDS” Charts are published weekly. Check our Facebook Page for updates.

 Old charts can be found on our Facebook page or old website

We are now reporting our airplay to CMJ Magazine New Music Report.

Please visit them and sign up to make sure your music gets reported correctly.

Here’s an example of a current chart. Contact us if you need more chart info.

download chart here

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