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Miami Radio Can Break Your Record In Ways No One Else Can

Here’s an example of how we break records in Miami. This video is from December of 2012 and the leak appeared on over 100 websites. A leak that was recorded directly from our broadcast.  We broadcast live almost every day. Check our twitter feed for updates and info. Post your comment here for more info and questions.


A street team campaign in the right places and underground radio in the right market can turn your unknown song into a worldwide hit almost over night. The proof is right here.

Making Money With Your Music


This is How You Make $10,000 On Internet Radio.

My comments on this video tells the story of how long a process it can be to get your music on Pandora and other internet radio. Just because you send your music to Pandora don’t mean they will play it. There’s a whole lot to the process that you have to know. Give us a call if you have a budget of at least $350 to promote your music on both underground and internet radio including There are thousands of radio stations worldwide and licensing opportunities. Hit us up for the list of them.



Here’s the pandora link to the same song.


Take a look at the following Billboard magazine article for more details about how to get paid as an artist , writer, performer, producer, engineer, etc.

Pandora Radio follows us @dadecountyradio or  @daoneradio and our partners on twitter and also look to us for what music they will accept or not. I can tell you from personal experience that the music business is way more complex than you might think and to make things worse these laws change almost every week.




Pandora’s first comments came from Westergren speaking at the     SF Music Tech  conference in San Francisco. “There are a couple     artists making over $2  million on Pandora,”      TechCrunch     quotes Westergren as saying. “Some artists making over $100,000     a year.”  Those are pretty straightforward comments. Artists do     indeed make money from  streams on Pandora Read more at

According to LL Cool J You Might Be A Ratchet If….

LL Cool J says if you want to vibe with him,  just vibe.  If it’s business just say that’s what it is.   In other words, if you attach hidden strings to your social relationships then you might be a “Ratchet”. What do you think?

Check out the new song and LL Cool J’s official website for more info.

I haven’t seen LL Cool J since he came thru and played basketball in the club with us in Miami back when he first started his career.

If he gets back  in touch we’ll be reading your comments live on the radio. Follow us  for updates @daoneradio or @dadecountyradio

Post your comments below tell me what you think?


Listen and download the song here.






Dreams Come True Publishing (Miami)

Thanks to those very special people who have publicly supported Auder Limits over the years. As with any young business endeavor things are always bound to change. That being said, they proudly announce that the team has recently undergone a name change in order to continue publishing new and original music from dedicated artists.

The company will no longer be doing business as Auder Limits. The team is pretty much still the same but will now be doing business as Dreams Come True Records.

Here’s a sneak peak of the team behind the scenes and information about it’s current project, “Better Part” by Money Rod ft. Leo produced by Huge Music Group for Dreams Come True Records & Publishing.

(DCT Publishing (ASCAP) is currently seeking other publishing partners for future releases)

Please follow them on Twitter @DCTPublishing

Miami production team creates another classic Rap/Pop Ballad

You can now download the latest single on and i-Tunes and other digital retailers.

Money Rod and other artists I’ve worked with achieved their production and or label deals as a result of their hard work and a little push in the right direction because they followed my logical and practical advice. I can help you reach your goals and it’s cheaper than you might think.  Call the station today and lets  set up a 5 min. consultation and you can decide if it’s worth it or not.

We are currently working on the radio distribution for this and other projects. Look out for this song  on your favorite radio station soon.

Artists On The Rise – JIGG305

Most of you reading this will never see the inside of a real underground radio station but imagine a space no bigger than  600 or 700 square feet,  strewn with home-made CD’s  and miscellaneous bits of trash everywhere  you look. (yes, this was before the age of mp3’s in Miami, FL)

One of the CD’s in particular caught my eye because of its artwork and craftsmanship, which made it stand out from all the hand-written home-made CD‘s around it.  That CD was a mix-tape by an artist called JIGG305 and it was his first mixtape entitled,  “Test The Dope”.

JIGG305 Test The Dope MixTape
JIGG305 “Test The Dope” Mix-tape still one of the hottest mix-tapes in South Florida originally released in 2006-07

Underground radio stations don’t make much of an income in the way of revenue from advertisers for obvious reasons. One of the ways the DJ’s earn a living is by charging the artists who want their music promoted a fee for promoting it. JIGG305 , however was one of those artists who I don’t recall ever paying this underground radio station a fee for promoting his music. “Test The Dope” was just one of those mix-tapes that had such a huge buzz on the street that DJ’s enjoyed playing it and listeners were constantly requesting it.


JiIGG305 was soon a regular at the radio station. I personally got to talk to him about the music industry on many occasions and had many good conversations and bad ones with him. I would constantly emphasize to him the things that needed to be done in order for his career to take off and not end up like so many other rappers with bad record deals. (myself included) He always strongly disagreed with me.


Whether my argument was correct or not remains to be seen but one thing for sure JIGG305 is without a doubt one of Miami’s hottest underground talents. As a music consultant though, he will always be known to me as the client that got away.

You can still find out what JIGG305 is up to by visiting his you-tube page @

Underground Radio Flashback

(left)DJ Mighty Quinn, (center)DJ Primetime, (right)DJ Khaled inside TheStreetsFM studios

Back in 2008 DJ Khaled paid us a surprise visit.  It’s not every day we read about celebrities giving back to the community.  DJ Khaled, who still has the most popular radio show in Miami (WEDR/99 Jamz) and who’s 2007  “We The Best” album reached #1 on the Billboard Independent Chart, visited our Downtown, Opa-Locka – Miami, Florida studio’s.



It would be hard to accuse DJ Khaled of forgetting his undergroud radio roots.

DJ Khaled inside IslandFlava Studio’s

We were surprised to see DJ Khaled’s signature Rolls Royce Phantom pull up to our front door. DJ Khaled stayed around for interviews and questions from local aspiring independent artists and promoted his album. We still have much love for DJ Khaled but it’ s not often we get to see him. A lot has changed since 2008.  Follow us on on Twitter for more updates@DadeCountyRadio

DJ Khaled outside IslandFlava, StreetsFM studio’s
(from left to right) local promoter, local promoter, DJ Khaled, IslandFlavaFM guest DJ Kutless


Artists On The Rise -Swazy Styles

It’s a long road to main-stream success but there’s a big difference between an independent artist that’s making moves and one who’s just making noise. Swazy Styles is definitely one of the ones making moves.

Swazy came to us in 2007 for radio & publishing support and has since signed with Miami DJ Laz’s VIP Music Group. founder , Smokey recalls, “I remember explaining to Swazy that although he had a real good promotion network it would only take him so far and that once he finalizes a few key steps that his career will take a whole new direction.” That proved to be true and Swazy continues to put out quality music and remains in touch with his friends and fans.

Here are some links for Swazy Styles:

Check back soon for more artists we’ve worked with or visit our old website.


Get Your Music Heard By Reaching Listeners Direct.

As a former independent artist I know all too well the frustration that comes with getting music heard on major radio. However, there is good news. The music industry has been going through major changes since 1999 and this has resulted in independent artists getting almost the same exposure as an artist signed to a major label. It’s not free exposure but it’s cheaper than you might think. If you are in love with making music and would do it for free then you are definitely on your way to success if you take our advice and experience into consideration. If you are only doing it for the money then it’s going to be a frustrating experience. Make sure you are in it for the right reasons.

Independent artist, Soulja Boy Bypassed The Major Labels And Made Them Seek Him Out.











I’ve been in the music business since 1986 and have been working with major internet radio stations for over 4 years and learned most of the ins and outs of what it takes to get a hit song heard by the international listeners it deserves and from people who actually still buy their music and are looking for whats new. CALL TODAY,(786)300-1303, TO FIND OUT WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO GET YOUR SONG ON THE RADIO

Over $1 Billion Paid To Artists. Where’s Your Check?

Today the non-profit digital performance rights organization SoundExchange announced it has paid out more than $1 billion in digital royalties to artists and labels since its inception in 2003. SoundExchange collects royalties from streaming music providers—including Sirius XM, Pandora and those channels way at the back of your cable lineup that only play music—and passes them along to artists, both signed and unsigned.

SoundExchange announces it has crossed the billion-dollar barrier.


“This milestone reflects the fact that the digital music industry is evolving and will continue to grow,” said SoundExchange president Michael Huppe in a statement. “We’re optimistic about where the music industry is headed and see opportunity for SoundExchange to help both creators and digital music services thrive.”

Of the billion dollars paid out by SoundExchange over the past decade, more than one-tenth has been distributed in recent months. The organization doled out a total of $108.6 million in royalties during the first quarter of 2012, marking the first time distributions exceeded $100 million in a single quarter. SoundExchange cites enhanced data management and improved technology platforms for the change.

The U.S. Copyright Office has designated SoundExchange the sole administrative entity for collecting digital royalties, but not everyone knows that yet. Tens of millions of dollars in digital royalties still sit unclaimed, despite the organization’s best efforts to contact artists. “They think we’re a Nigerian email scam,” a spokesperson once said.

Any musician or copyright holder can sign up for SoundExchange. Anyone hoping to receive royalties must send in a W-8 or W-9 form and government-issued identification. All of this can be done via email, snail mail, or fax. More info can found at Soundexchange website.  Click their link below.


-Forbes Magazine