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We Put New Music On Radiowavemonitor Charts

We are one of 163 Urban/Rhythmic radio stations who report to If you have music with potential to make it on the major radio charts and a budget of at least $350 USD let us know.

We count down and play all 100 songs on the Radiowavemonitor charts every Sunday Morning at 10:AM Eastern Standard Time.

These charts show what people are actually listening to on web, satellite and cable TV radio. Listen to the show on Sundays to learn more on how we can democratize radio.

New Music Coming Soon From Miami Artist BNice

New music to discover.

BNice is currently preparing for a new release for 2018.

BNice first made the news in the Rap music blogosphere when he was featured in rapper, 50 Cent’s popular website in 2014 after a video of an alleged altercation involving Miami Hip-Hop performer Nino Brown of DJ Khaled’s We_the_Best_Music_Group started to make it’s appearance on a number of local Miami websites. This video is rumored to be the reason why DJ Khaled dropped Nino Brown from his We The Best Music Group Imprint. The details and atmosphere surrounding that incident lead to BNice cutting off most of his ties with Nino Brown and many of the well-known Hip-Hop industry performers and producers who were based in Miami, Florida at the time. Before working with Nino Brown and another We The Best Music Group Artist, known as Ace Hood, BNice formed his own production and publishing company, On Top Paid Productions (ASCAP),(SESAC)(BMI). 


Best Of The Best Concert Miami 2016 Memorial Day Weekend

10 year anniversary of the biggest reggae festival in the world happens in Miami,FL. We missed a few years but we will be covering it this year. More artists are being added and you never know who is going to show up but one thing for sure is that it’s gonna be history in the making once again. Call now or visit online to get your tickets so you won’t have to wait too long at the gate. All official concert information can be found at

Promotion Packages Include More Than Just Promotion.

Radio Airplay packages with real verified spins & Artist Manager ServicesAll Packages include social media support, music chart reports, song tagging, professional artist management support from music industry veteran and DJ Feedback. If you don’t have a manager or even if you do these packages will provide you with one you can email or call with your questions with your airplay package. (Limited to 3 calls per week) Our goal is to put you on the road to making a viable income from your content.

Direct-to-Fan Package ($100)

If you ever wanted to advertise on major websites like YouTube, Google, Yahoo!  & more just like the major artists do this package can be added to our other packages or stand-alone. Simply let us know what you want to promote and we’ll find your audience and create your banner ad so that it pops up on mobile phone apps and computer websites to at least 50,000 potential fans. We even provide you with the reports to let you know who is interested and where they came from.  (your first report will be provided 5 days after payment clears)

Wet-Feet Package ($350)

Month of spins on DaOneRadio/DadeCountyRadio Includes: Email blast to all DJ’s in our network. (x102.3, Power96, 99Jamz, All Underground Radio Stations, Club DJ’s, Etc. (There are close to 1,000 active DJ’s in our email blast) (radio spins average between 50 to 150 per month. Spins and email blast begins 5 days after payment clears)



Let-The-People-Decide Package ($700)

Same as Wet-Feet Package plus: 1 live FM underground radio show & Interview with random call-in radio audience rating your song. Audio recording of your show will be provided and email blasted to our network 3 days after the show. We will provide you with a 45 minute notice before DJ goes live with your song on radio within 5 days after payments clear.

Song Activation w/ ‘BDS’ Reports  ($1500)

Get your music activated for major radio and internet radio airplay with top stations like AOL, iHeartRadio, Pandora and more. You won’t get major stations to notice your music without this process. This distributes your music to all 2,500 of our station partners and you will be able to download reports to see who is playing your music and how many times a day it is being played. will conduct the process, activate your music and highlight your song on our playlist for 3 months. Click the Paypal buy button  or call / email us for an invoice and your promotion starts today and your song will be activated in less then 2 weeks.

>Major-Label Competition Package ($3500.00)

Same as Wet-Feet Package plus:  Your music activated for major radio and internet radio airplay with top stations like Pandora, AOL, iHeartradio, Pandora and more Top stations.  International radio reports showing which stations are playing your music. We send your music to all of our relevant partner radio stations who report airplay to Radio Wave Monitor (which is the only company sanctioned by U.S. Congress for reporting BDS spins for online/satellite radio) Visit for current list of partner stations. Call 786-300-1303 if you need help finding partner station list.




Artists we have helped include; Red Rat, Trini Jacobs, Troyton Rami, Hugo Diaz, Maybach Music Latino, Swazy Styles, Godfather Records and more. Please call or text for more info. 786-300-1303



Internet & Underground Radio Promo ( STREET CONNECT DJ’s & DADECOUNTYRADIO)

Club spins…by Street Connect DJ’s at most Miami & Ft. Lauderdale clubs 7 nights a week.

Weekly E-Blasts to Collectivly over 100,000 Emails, Websites, Features…MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, & More. Features on our most relevant websites

Mix-Tape Features on all Mix-Tape Series

Product Distribution: flyers, posters, promo Material by our street teams

If you have a song that will blow and all it needs is exposure…you no longer have an excuse.

This is a custom package you must first order our  “Wet Feet” package in order to qualify for quote.

Package range price ranges between $2,000.00 – $4,500.00

If you have an android or iphone make sure you get the TuneIn app to check out our underground radio stations where-ever you are.

You can also check out over 2,000 of our partner stations by using the similar station option on the TuneIn radio app.

Visit our Facebook page for current radio charts and more info about our partner stations.

Indie Artists Get Major Exposure Today With Us.

Learn how to promote just like the major labels do.  Getting airplay package with us includes way more then just airplay. Call today to find out if you qualify. Also find out what help is available for getting started. If you spend all your time making music, isn’t it about time you spend some time getting your music to major label ears.

Text 786-300-1303 for more info about promo package
Text 786-300-1303 for more info about promo package

Get Your Music Judged By Top Music Industry Professionals Online.


Unsigned Only is a unique music competition designed for solo artists, bands, and singers all over the world who are not signed to a major label record company or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, or imprints. The goal of Unsigned Only is to find an outstanding, talented performer: a band, singer, or solo artist…a newcomer or veteran…raw or polished – the “gem” that needs to be UniversalRepublicdiscovered. Unsigned Only is looking for the total package.

If you need help with you’re entry give us a call. There is a $30 entry fee per song payable to Unsigned Only.


There is a prestigious panel of judges for this competition representing all facets of the music industry.

One of the Judges this year is Darryl McDaniels from the legendary Def Jam super group, Run DMC. Representatives from all Major Labels will be judging the competition. Find out all the information about this great opportunity by visiting the website directly.