Dreams Come True Publishing (Miami)

Thanks to those very special people who have publicly supported Auder Limits over the years. As with any young business endeavor things are always bound to change. That being said, they proudly announce that the team has recently undergone a name change in order to continue publishing new and original music from dedicated artists.

The company will no longer be doing business as Auder Limits. The team is pretty much still the same but will now be doing business as Dreams Come True Records.

Here’s a sneak peak of the team behind the scenes and information about it’s current project, “Better Part” by Money Rod ft. Leo produced by Huge Music Group for Dreams Come True Records & Publishing.

(DCT Publishing (ASCAP) is currently seeking other publishing partners for future releases)

Please follow them on Twitter @DCTPublishing

Miami production team creates another classic Rap/Pop Ballad

You can now download the latest single on Amazon.com and i-Tunes and other digital retailers.

Money Rod and other artists I’ve worked with achieved their production and or label deals as a result of their hard work and a little push in the right direction because they followed my logical and practical advice. I can help you reach your goals and it’s cheaper than you might think.  Call the station today and lets  set up a 5 min. consultation and you can decide if it’s worth it or not.

We are currently working on the radio distribution for this and other projects. Look out for this song  on your favorite radio station soon.

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