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Most of you reading this will never see the inside of a real underground radio station but imagine a space no bigger than  600 or 700 square feet,  strewn with home-made CD’s  and miscellaneous bits of trash everywhere  you look. (yes, this was before the age of mp3’s in Miami, FL)

One of the CD’s in particular caught my eye because of its artwork and craftsmanship, which made it stand out from all the hand-written home-made CD‘s around it.  That CD was a mix-tape by an artist called JIGG305 and it was his first mixtape entitled,  “Test The Dope”.

JIGG305 Test The Dope MixTape
JIGG305 “Test The Dope” Mix-tape still one of the hottest mix-tapes in South Florida originally released in 2006-07

Underground radio stations don’t make much of an income in the way of revenue from advertisers for obvious reasons. One of the ways the DJ’s earn a living is by charging the artists who want their music promoted a fee for promoting it. JIGG305 , however was one of those artists who I don’t recall ever paying this underground radio station a fee for promoting his music. “Test The Dope” was just one of those mix-tapes that had such a huge buzz on the street that DJ’s enjoyed playing it and listeners were constantly requesting it.


JiIGG305 was soon a regular at the radio station. I personally got to talk to him about the music industry on many occasions and had many good conversations and bad ones with him. I would constantly emphasize to him the things that needed to be done in order for his career to take off and not end up like so many other rappers with bad record deals. (myself included) He always strongly disagreed with me.


Whether my argument was correct or not remains to be seen but one thing for sure JIGG305 is without a doubt one of Miami’s hottest underground talents. As a music consultant though, he will always be known to me as the client that got away.

You can still find out what JIGG305 is up to by visiting his you-tube page @

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